Trend Analyser Video Tip : "Template"

Template allows you to save indicators and their related parameters to a file. This function in Trend Analyser is a great time saver as you can apply your favourite indicators to any chart with one click rather than apply each indicator manually.


Trend Analyser Video Tip : "Muse Stock Scanner Basics"

With the help of Muse Stock Scanner you can scan stocks based on different technical criterias.


Trend Analyser Video Tip : "Workspace"

In a workspace you can save the group of charts, with various time frames, indicators and settings. The charts are usually companies you view frequently. A workspace stores all the properties of charts including indicators and drawings.


Trend Analyser Video Tip : "Custom Folders"

Custom folders provides an easy way to organize and maintain group of charts which you track on daily basis. It greatly reduce the time required for daily analysis.


Trend Analyser Video Tip : "Changing Chart Time Frames"

This short video will take you through the process of changing a chart time frame.



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