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Trend Analyser

Trend Analyser related videos

  • Trend Analyser

    Video Tip : Custom Folders

    Custom folders provides an easy way to organize and maintain group of charts which you track on daily basis. It greatly reduce the time required for daily analysis.

  • Trend Analyser

    Video Tip : "Workspace"

    In a workspace you can save the group of charts, with various time frames, indicators and settings. The charts are usually companies you view frequently. A workspace stores all the properties of charts incl

  • Trend Analyser

    Trend Analyser Template

    Template allows you to save indicators and their related parameters to a file. 

  • Trend Analyser

    Video Tip : "Muse Stock Scanner Basics"

    With the help of Muse Stock Scanner you can scan stocks based on different technical criterias.

  • Trend Analyser

    Video Tip : Changing Chart Time Frames

    This short video will take you through the process of changing a chart time frame.


Videos related to Seminars


    (Old Video)

    Buying makes money in two phases of market A. BULL MARKET B. SIDEWAY MARKET

  • Seminar on swing trading in equity, futures and options by Sudarshan Sukhani

    (Old Video)

    Topics covered: People who influenced the market , Random moves can mislead, The trading edge - who can control, Definition of swing trading with examples. it is not mechanical.