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FREE Webinar by Sudarshan Sukhani
Jul 17, 2020

Topic : "Trading opportunities in congestion zone"

When you see sideways price action, what goes on in your mind? Is it confusion or an opportunity?

Most trends begins after congestion so don’t be confused instead, use them to improve your trading performance. These rectangles on your charts might just be the boost you need for achieving your trading goals.

In this webinar, our chairman Sudarshan Sukhani will discuss the congestion zone for intraday as well as carry forward trades.

He will be providing valuable information on the following topics:

-Identify a breakout Early
-Indicators that help confirm breakouts
-Short term and long term breakouts
-Entry, exit signals

By the end of the webinar you will understand breakout trading better and able to take the first steps of building your own breakout trading system. You will also get the Indicators used in this webinar.

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